Welcome to “Pirate Master – The Ultimate Challenge”. To claim title as THE “Pirate Master” you must prove you skills in quick maneuvering, fast paced puzzle solving, and clever combat techniques.

In each level, your mission is to locate five golden statues. Once you have claimed all five statues you will be transferred to the next level where new challenges are awaiting. Complete all fourteen levels and you will champion as the new ”Pirate Master”.

In order to complete the challenge, you must fight enemies and avoid lethal traps as you navigate through the level. Each level contains a map that you must first find then use it to plan your route through the maze as quickly as possible. As you progress through the levels you will face increasingly sophisticated systems of trapdoors moving baskets and lethal traps that puts your problem solving skills to the test. Add to this, a never-ending attack of enemies you can practice your martial arts skills on, unless of course, they outsmart you first...

How to play:

  • Each level is completed by finding five magic statues that are hidden throughout the level. 
  • 14 action packed levels of impressive game play
  • Intuitive movements are easy to learn.
  • Intriguing puzzle solving combined with fast paced action
  • State of the art graphics brings out a memorizing mystic Balinese game universe in stunning detail. 
  • Unique non-linear game play approach puts an entire new twist on the entire genre of platform gaming.
  • Addictive multi-paced game play keeps you want to play this game over and over again. . The first portion of each level has no time limit allowing for learning new featured of the level. As soon as you destroy your first statue, you have only a limited time to find the remaining four statues, putting your newly learned skills up to the test in a fast paced environment.
  • The intuitive and easy to learn oriental style action movements will immediately immerse novices as well as advanced game enthusiasts. Learn as you go approach allows players to get into the game play right away. New skills and features are clearly explained as they are acquired during the progression of the game.

Tips & Hints

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