The year is 1814. You are Captain John Silver, master of all pirates, imprisoned on a small Caribbean island. Your mission is to escape from the island and find seven magical golden monkey statues...

In this fun action packed game from 5Fingers Mobile Media, you'll need fast fingers and a tactical mind to overcome the challenges that awaits you in each increasingly difficult and exciting game level. Throughout your quest for the mysteriously hidden golden monkey statues, you must also search for keys, diamonds, power-ups and other valuable and useful items. Defeat privateer soldiers with your knockout punches. Climb ladders, swing between ropes and jump across moving platforms in order to avoid traps and sneaky enemies.

How To Buy

Go to the application download section on your mobile phone and look for "Piratemaster" or "5F Piratemaster". You will typically find it under either the "Games" category or the "Action Games" category. Most service providers allow you to either subscribe monthly or purchase unlimited usage. Some operators may only allow unlimited purchase.

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